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Ages 3-6 | A fun and energetic introduction to the world of movement! Each week the class alternates between jazz and ballet.

Ages 4-6 | These classes will create a welcoming environment for all kids to express their love of dance and music.

Ages 4-6 | Classes will physically focus on weight placement, ankle control, and learning to utilize a variety of techniques required for the feet to act as musical instruments.

Age 7-9 | A fantastic opportunity for youth to learn the fundamentals of Hip Hop dance and musical street dance movement

Ages 7 - 12 | Created for beginner and intermediate dancers, this class will focus on musicality, syncopation, improvisation

Age 8-12 | The students will learn the foundations of the dance: Top rock, footwork, freezes, and power.

Age 8-12 | Students will explore all kinds of HipHop from Choreography to Funk Styles, House to Basic Breakin’, Vogue/Waacking to Video-Styles, and more.

Age 10-13 | This progressive class invites newcomers to the hip hop scene to come and learn the funk styles of Popping and Locking

Age 10-13 | This program is the next step after your child has taken a Fresh Kidz class and is looking for new challenges.

Age 10-13 | To inspire these young dancers to their limit and challenge them to the highest possible level in choreography to help them develop into professional dancers.

Ages 13-17 | This 1.5-hour class will be an exploration into the liberating world of contemporary. and will focus on body awareness and technical usage of muscle control and strength.

Ages 13-17 | This class is the next step up after our Lil Homies class. Teen Bboys is an all boys Breakdance class for students 12 and up looking for a greater challenge.

Ages Teen | This Beginner level class is for dancers with 0-3 yrs experience. Students will train in the styles of Street, Tutting, Diva and fusions of old school influenced choreography

Ages Teen | This Intermediate competitive class is perfect for the dancer looking to get into the urban dance scene and build routines with a strong emphasis on theme and character

Teen | Back by popular, Erica’s style is extremely original and fluid with a true focus on body awareness, abstract and creative movement, and performance.

Teen | A great class for building confidence and teamwork, Daniel breaks down all choreography and techniques for easy learning.

16+ Adult | This class is for the Advanced dancer looking for a great challenge and to be pushed to the next level in their dance

Teen Adult | This new team is designed to showcase female empowerment through diversity and versatility.

16+ Adult | Students in this TEAM work through advanced choreography with top instructor Ryan Ocol towards representing the best in youth talent across Edmonton street dancers.

Age 16+ Adult | These award winning classes are designed specifically to bring together students as a team and bring out their maximum potential by training them in all styles of street dance and choreography at a high level.

Age 16+ Adult | This advanced TEAM class for teens trains students in the style called animation fused with new school dance choreography.

Age 16+ Adult | Company Class. This TEAM class is perfect for the dancer who is looking for a sweat and to keep up with the fundamental styles of Funk such as Popping, Locking and many old school party dances.

Age 12 - 16 | the intention of this program is to push students to their limits and start preparing them for the professional tap dance scene in a fun and focused atmosphere.

Ages All | These 1-hour classes will be an introduction to the rhythmic world of Tap. Created for beginner and intermediate dancers

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